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With so many possibilities at your disposal, choosing the appropriate wall oven for your kitchen might be difficult, but we're here to assist you in making the best decision possible! There's a lot to think about, from size to color, design possibilities to cooking technology. Continue reading for a list of considerations to make while looking for a wall oven that fulfills all of your requirements. With so many possibilities, selecting the ideal wall oven for your kitchen might be difficult, but we're here to assist you in making an informed decision.

Single Wall Oven

Single wall ovens are an excellent alternative for the normal kitchen because they are space-saving and adaptable. These ovens can be built in one of your kitchen's walls around waist level, or they can be positioned in a kitchen island, usually right below the separate cooktop. Single wall ovens, like ordinary ranges, have only one cooking zone.

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Single Wall Oven

Double Wall Oven

A double wall oven adds another cooking compartment for more versatility and capacity in the kitchen. One or both of these ovens usually include convection or broiling capabilities. Double wall ovens are ideal for anyone who cooks for a large family on a regular basis or frequently prepares many large dishes at the same time.

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Shop Double Wall Ovens

Combination Wall Oven

Microwave and Wall Oven Combos combine a full-featured oven with a microwave in one device. With both options in one machine, you can prepare large meals and defrost or reheat leftovers whenever you want.

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Combination Wall Oven

Wall Ovens come in two fuel options, electric or natural gas. Electric units provide a significantly wider range of options than gas units.

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Benefits of Convection Cooking

Convection technology simply refers to the use of two heating sources and a fan to distribute heat evenly across the oven cavity. This not only ensures uniform, even results, but it also speeds up the cooking process! Convection baking speeds up the cooking process by roughly 25%. (versus standard bake mode). This technology is common in wall ovens, but it's necessary to double-check that the wall oven you buy has Convection because it will make a big difference in your everyday cooking!

  • Even baking and heat distribution
  • Less rotating
  • Improved browning, crisping and roasting
  • Faster baking and roasting
  • Quick preheating
  • Better cooking for multiple dishes at once
  • Run long baking cycles without drying out foods
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    Which Size is Best for Me?

    If you're just replacing an old wall oven, the size options are somewhat limited. If you're remodeling your kitchen and starting from scratch, you'll have the option of choosing the ideal wall oven size for your needs. The most common wall oven sizes are 24", 27", and 30", but measure your cutout to make sure you choose the right oven. The increase size by inches has a direct impact on interior capacity. If you have a large family or regularly host dinner parties you may want to consider our line of 30 inch wall ovens both in single and double.

    Cooking Modes

    Your wall oven should be more than just an oven. It's a multi-purpose tool that can bake, roast, broil and more. An important criteria for many is the versatility in cooking modes available in your new wall oven, and some of the modes Bosch wall ovens have are listed below (available modes vary by model). Our Benchmark Series models have up to 14 special cooking modes, which gives you the ultimate range of cooking options.

    Air Fry Technology

    Is a cutting-edge technology found in a number of current wall ovens. Without investing in a countertop air fryer, you can cook crispy dishes like French fries in your oven. A perforated tray for air frying is included in some ovens, allowing hot air to circulate while you cook. This tray is sold separately by some manufacturers.

    Smart Appliance

    The majority of WiFi-connected ovens work using a smartphone app. If your oven has a temperature probe, you can use the app to check the temperature, set a timer, and even check the inside temperature of anything you're cooking. Even if you've left the house, you can use the app to make sure you remember to switch off the oven. Not all Wall Ovens have built in "Smart" technology so if this is something that is important for you and your cooking needs make sure to double check that this feature is available when shopping.