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SKU#: 31013303


Product Features
  • Stylishly designed that simply enhances the elegance of your kitchen
  • 350 CFM rating for efficient removal of smoke, odor and fumes from your cooking area
  • The 4-speed fan offers better ability to control the ventilation process
  • The halogen lights lighten up the cooking area for better convenience
SKU#: 29439684


Product Features
  • Decorative duct cover
  • Support frame ensures good stability to reach a 9 ft. ceiling height
SKU#: 20056156


Product Features
  • The 4 removable filters trap all the dust and dirt particles from the absorbed impure air
  • Brushed stainless steel utensil rod enables hanging your utensils on it for easy access
  • The hood works up to a maximum range of 1050 CFM
SKU#: 20570289

Suggested Retail $3,100.00


Save $300.00

Product Features
  • Comes with utensil rack for added functionality
  • 2 halogen lights with 4 lighting levels to brighten the cooking surface below
  • Stainless steel filters are dishwasher-safe for added convenience
  • Designed with variable speed fan control for a smoke-free and odor-free cooking environment
SKU#: 22299291

Suggested Retail $3,900.00


Save 10%

Product Features
  • 1090 CFM rating for superior ventilation
  • Halogen lightings offer a versatile illumination solution to your cooktop
  • Stainless steel exterior finish goes along well with most kitchen decor
  • Utensil rack offers a convenient and easily accessible storage space for cooking utensils
  • Damper prevents drawn-in air from entering back into the kitchen
SKU#: 27272475

Suggested Retail $450.00


Save 11%

SKU#: 23068943

Suggested Retail $550.00


Save $50.00

Product Features
  • Conceals duct work and decorates your kitchen interior
  • Stackable design allows you to stack multiple covers to conceal entire length of duct work
  • Available for use with all models
SKU#: 29439700


SKU#: 23151681


Product Features
  • Powerful 460 CFM internal blower for efficient removal of smoke and odor
  • Flexible installation with options for under-cabinet or stand-alone installation and recirculation option when outside venting is not possible
  • Removable stainless steel filters are dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • Limited 1-year warranty on parts and labor for added reliability
SKU#: 28385953


Product Features
  • Stainless steel design with perimeter filter system offers powerful ventilation with an extraction power of 420 CFM
  • Includes recirculating reversible duct covers for non-vented installations
  • Halogen lighting for better viewing of the items being cooked
  • Limited 1-year warranty on parts and labors
SKU#: 29944717

Suggested Retail $400.00


Save 12%

SKU#: 25099672


Product Features
  • Powerful 490-CFM internal blower ensures effective removal of smoke and odor from the kitchen
  • Reversible duct cover and charcoal filters included for non-vented installations
  • Dishwasher safe removable stainless steel filters provide comfortable cleaning experience
  • Limited 1-year warranty on parts and labors
SKU#: 43318708


SKU#: 33021700


Product Features
  • Halogen lights with six levels of intensity to suit your lighting needs
  • An indicator light flashes when filters need cleaning
  • Three removable filters help in trapping grease and can be cleaned easily
  • Filters are dishwasher safe
  • The fan can be controlled by timer setting of 5 ,10 or 20 min of operation as required.
SKU#: 42110387


SKU#: 19130087

Suggested Retail $3,000.00


Save 10%

Product Features
  • Stainless steel body contributes to its long life
  • Comes with removable baffle filters that are dishwasher safe
  • Fans with multiple speeds ensures a fresh cooking environment
  • Sturdy stainless steel utensil rod holds spoons and pans of varied sizes
SKU#: 18507947

Suggested Retail $120.00


Save 16%

Product Features
  • Gives a highly customized and elegant look to your food warming drawer
  • Compatible with 30" warming drawers
SKU#: 19332550

Suggested Retail $650.00


Save $50.00

Product Features
  • Decorative duct work conceals duct work and also adds decoration to your kitchen interior
  • Designed to be used with all models
  • Multiple covering can be stacked in a linear fashion to cover the whole length of the duct work from hood top to ceiling
SKU#: 18744250


Product Features
  • Perfect for 30"-36" cooktop surfaces
  • Powerful halogen lamps light up the cooking area
  • Stainless steel ventilation hood purifies the air in the kitchen and create a refreshing fragrance
  • 3 removable filters with cleaning reminders to notify when its time for cleaning
SKU#: 19553262

Suggested Retail $3,700.00


Save $300.00

Product Features
  • Stainless steel filters are dishwasher safe
  • Multiple fan speeds to choose from
  • Striking stainless steel finish with tapered sides complements well with modern day kitchens
  • Brushed stainless steel utensil racks holds utensil for easy access
SKU#: 29202249


Product Features
  • Works perfectly for ceilings up to a height of 10-14 ft.
SKU#: 56849086


SKU#: 52403938


Product Features
  • Audible End of Cycle Signal
  • Cycle Countdown
  • Last Cycle Memory
  • Start/Reset Pad
  • 3-Level Wash System
  • Automatic HotStart
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Dual Pump
  • Flood Control System
  • Piranha Hard Food Disposer
  • Clean Sensor
  • Rinse Aid with Indicator
  • Condensate Dry
  • Pull with Handle Latch
  • Single Speed Motor Type
SKU#: 56343221


Product Features
  • Advanced temperature management system with multi-shelf air tower
  • Climate-control drawer
  • WiFi connect
  • LED lighting
  • True stainless dispenser
  • GE water filter
  • Deli drawer on full-extension slides
  • Sealed vegetable drawer
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