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SKU#: 51471647

Suggested Retail $490.00


Save 63%

6-Month Financing Available
Product Features
  • Induction-ready
  • Mirror finish. Classic looks, professional performance.
  • Aluminum encapsulated base heats quickly and spreads heat evenly. Eliminates hot spots.
  • Stainless steel cooking surface does not discolor, react with food or alter flavors
  • Measurement markings for ease of use
  • Cool Grip Helper Handle provides extra support and balance when lifting and pouring
  • Drip-Free Pouring
  • Flavor Lock Lid
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Lifetime Warranty
SKU#: 56030356

Suggested Retail $490.00

Product Features
  • Set includes 1-Quart Pouring Saucepan w/ Pour Spout, 2 & 3-Quart Covered Saucepans, 8-Quart Stockpot, 8-1/2 & 10-Inch Skillets, 3-Quart Covered Saute
  • Heavy-duty hard-anodized aluminum construction is twice as hard as stainless steel and provides lasting durability
  • TOTAL Nonstick System of raised circles and triple layer, premium quality, metal utensil safe nonstick for long-lasting food release and easy cleanup
  • Cookware is metal utensil safe, induction suitable and dishwasher safe and has sturdy, comfortable handles that are oven safe to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Circulon nonstick technology is so advanced, it lasts 10 times longer than ordinary nonstick
  • The induction-suitable Circulon Symmetry Hard-Anodized Nonstick 11-Piece Cookware Set includes an essential selection of must-have pieces for great cooking results
SKU#: 34293274

Must Call to Order

Product Features
  • Heat-resistant handles for convenient handling
  • Even heat base to achieve better cooking results
  • Can be used in the oven up to a temperature of 350F
SKU#: 52800257

Suggested Retail $268.00

Product Features
  • Rachael Ray Hard Enamel Nonstick 14-Piece Cookware Set in Orange
  • Hand Wash Only, Not Dishwasher Safe
  • The Cookware is Oven Safe to 350 Degrees, while the Cake Pans are Oven Safe to 450 Degrees
  • Dimensions: 23.62" L x 12.75" W x 13" H
  • 1- & 2-Qt. Saucepans and lids, 3-Qt. Saut pans and lids, 6-Qt. Stockpot and lid, 8-1/2- & 10-In Skillets, Oven Lovin' Crispy Sheet, Spatula, Spoonula, Lil' Devil Turner
SKU#: 46231700

Suggested Retail $799.99


Save 37%

Product Features
  • Premium Tri-Ply Technology
  • 8 & 10 in. Skillets
  • 2-qt. & 3-qt. Saucepans with lids
  • 3-qt. deep saute pan with lid
  • 6-qt. stockpot with lid
SKU#: 41798125

Suggested Retail $1,159.94


Save 39%

Product Features
  • 18/10 stainless steel cooking surface will not react with food
  • Compatible with all cooktops, optimal for induction
  • Dishwasher, oven and broiler safe
  • Stainless steel handles are permanently secured with stainless steel rivets
  • Set includes pieces perfect for everyday use
SKU#: 62621784

Suggested Retail $349.99


Save $20.00

SKU#: 49202179

Suggested Retail $700.00


Save 28%

Product Features
  • 10-piece cookware set includes 8 inch and 10 inch fry pans, 2.5 quart and 3.5 quart sauce pans with lids, 4 quart saute pan with lid, and 8 quart stockpot with lid
  • Hard-anodized aluminum construction for fast, even heating and easy cleanup; stainless-steel bonded base; optimized for induction
  • PFOA-free nonstick coating for healthier cooking with less fat; secure-fitting lids trap in heat and moisture and allow for checking on food at a glance
  • Stainless-steel handles contoured for a comfortable hold and permanently secured with stainless-steel rivets
  • Oven-safe to 500 degrees F (without lids); dishwasher-safe; limited lifetime warranty
SKU#: 46654414

Suggested Retail $420.00


Save 54%

SKU#: 34293639

Suggested Retail $31.99


Save 12%

Product Features
  • Made of silicone and metal for firm grip
  • Silicone loop handles on either side as well as on top of the glass lid for portability
  • Glass lid comes with venting holes
SKU#: 53299897

Suggested Retail $31.00

$19.90 On Sale

Save 35%

Product Features
  • Foundry seasoned, ready to use upon purchase.
  • Use on all cooking surfaces, grills and campfires.
  • Oven safe.
  • Saut, sear, fry, bake and stir fry to hearts content.
  • Made in USA.
  • Hand wash. Dry immediatelyeven before first use. Rub with a light coat of vegetable oil after every wash. How much oil? Enough to restore the sheen, without being sticky. Why? To keep the iron seasoned and protected from moisture.
  • Seasoning is vegetable oil baked onto the iron at a high temperature: not a chemical non-stick coating. Seasoning creates the natural, easy-release properties. The more you cook, the better it gets. Because you create, maintain, and even repair the seasoning, your cookware can last 100 years or more. Chemical non-stick coating cannot be repaired, limiting lifespan..
  • Lodge Cast Iron is right at home on induction, ceramic, electric and gas cooktops, in your oven, on the grill, or even over the campfire. Do not use in the microwave. (Some induction tops will not work with 2-burner griddles) On glass or ceramic cooktops, lift cookware; never slide it. Our cookware is safe at high temperatures; use metal, wood, or hi-temp silicone utensils. Some foods may stick to new cookware (especially eggs). Use a little extra oil or butter until youve built up the seasoning. Acidic foods like tomatoes, beans, and certain sauces can damage seasoning, and should be avoided until the seasoning is well-established. Cast Iron rarely needs to go above a medium heat setting when properly pre-heated. For the times when you do cook at higher temperatures, bring the pan to temperature gradually and add oil to just before adding food to prevent sticking. Our handles get hot; use mitts. Use trivets to protect countertops from hot cookware.
  • If no soap is too scary, wash with mild soapy water and dry and oil immediately. However, consider that cookware is 400F in 4 minutes on medium heat and is sterile at 212 F, so soap isnt always necessary. Dishwashers, strong detergents and metal scouring pads are not recommended, as they remove seasoning.
  • While maintaining the seasoning should keep your Cast Iron and Carbon Steel in good condition, at some point you may need to re-season your cookware. If food sticks to the surface, or you notice a dull, gray color, repeat the seasoning process: * Wash the cookware with hot, soapy water and a stiff brush. (It is okay to use soap this time because you are preparing to re-season the cookware). * Rinse and dry completely. * Apply a very thin, even coating of MELTED solid vegetable shortening (or cooking oil of your choice) to the cookware inside and out. Too much oil will result in a sticky finish. * Place aluminum foil on the bottom rack of the oven (not directly on bottom) to catch any drips. * Set oven temperature to 350 400 degrees F. * Place cookware upside down on the top rack of the oven to prevent pooling. * Bake the cookware for at least one hour. After the hour, turn the oven off and let the cookware cool in the oven. * Store the cookware uncovered, in a dry place when cooled. * Repeat as necessary.
SKU#: 46674735

Suggested Retail $199.99

Product Features
  • Hand Wash Only
  • Includes: 1- & 2-Qt. Saucepans and lids, 3-Qt. Saut pans and lids, 6-Qt. Stockpot and lid, 8-1/2- & 10-In Skillets, Oven Lovin' Crispy Sheet, Spatula, Spoonula, Lil' Devil Turner
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Cookware Oven Safe to 350F
  • Bakware Oven Safe to 450F
SKU#: 52882479

Suggested Retail $120.00

Product Features
  • Constructed from super-tough, hard-anodized aluminum for even-heating with maximum durability
  • TOTAL Nonstick System of raised circles and triple layer, PFOA-free, metal utensil safe nonstick for natural food release and easy cleanup that lasts ten times longer than normal nonsticks
  • Premium-quality nonstick exterior in elegant oyster gray color provides effortless cleanup
  • Dual riveted stainless steel handles with silicone grips for comfortable, confident maneuvering in the kitchen
  • Oven safe to a scorching 400 degrees F; suitable for all stovetops except induction
SKU#: 61634705

Suggested Retail $340.00


Save 64%

Product Features
  • 1.5 Quart Saucepan with cover
  • 2.5 Quart Saucepan with cover
  • 3 Quart Saut Pan with cover
  • 6 Quart Stockpot with cover
  • 8" Skillet
  • 10" Skillet
  • 18cm Steamer Insert
SKU#: 51947935

Suggested Retail $89.99

Product Features
  • Heavy-gauge Hard Anodized Aluminum Construction
  • Dual-layer, Metal-utensil Safe Nonstick Cooking Surface
  • Cast Riveted Stainless Steel Handles
  • Dishwasher safe; Oven safe to 500F; Lifetime Warranty
SKU#: 54198759

Suggested Retail $168.00

$99.90 On Sale

Save 40%

Product Features
  • Handles and Knobs are oven safe to 500F.
  • Rims are black matte enamel, cooking surface is off-white enamel.
  • Can be used on all cooking surfaces, including induction.
  • Use for any cooking technique. Use to marinate and even refrigerate.
  • Made in China.
  • Use on gas, electric, ceramic, and induction cooktops. Always lift cookware to move.
SKU#: 56250509

Suggested Retail $106.99


Save 11%

Product Features
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: From the stove, to the oven and into the fridge with included plastic lid
  • SPACE SAVING: Saves 45% more space in the cabinet
  • NON-STICK TITANIUM: Scratch resistant, long lasting coating covered by Lifetime limited warranty
  • RIVETED SILICONE HANDLES: Comfortable and secure grip; oven safe up to 400F
  • THERMO-SPOT: Unique, T-fal exclusive indicator to show when the pan is perfectly preheated
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: Easy to clean
SKU#: 51930485

Suggested Retail $299.99

Product Features
  • Hard Anodized Aluminum Exterior
  • Dual Layer Non Stick Interior
  • Stainless Steel Lids And Handles
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Oven Safe to 500f
  • Heat Sources: Oven, Gas, Electric, Ceramic
SKU#: 46438263

Suggested Retail $249.99


Save 28%

Product Features
  • Perforated Insert for Easy Draining
  • Aluminum Base for Fast, Even Heat
  • Highly Polished 18/10 Stainless Steel
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Oven Safe to 600 F
  • Induction Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
SKU#: 61761961

Suggested Retail $291.00

SKU#: 41914086

Suggested Retail $320.00

Product Features
  • Durable aluminum construction with hard enamel exterior heats the cookware evenly and minimizes hotspots
  • Lasting nonstick interior releases the food instantly and makes cleaning a breeze
  • Rubberized stainless steel handles allow you to use the cookware with ease and comfort
  • Glass lids allows to look inside the closed pan without removing the lids
  • Comes in attractively colored finish that adds more attraction to your kitchen
  • Is oven safe to temperatures up to 400F
SKU#: 61634762

Suggested Retail $460.00


Save 63%

6-Month Financing Available
Product Features
  • N5119-14OPBK 1 Qt. Open Pour Saucepan
  • N5119-16BK 1.5 Qt. Saucepan w/ Cover
  • N5119-18BK 2.5 Qt. Saucepan w/ Cover
  • N5133-26BK 3 Qt. Saute Pan w/ Cover
  • N5166-24BK 6 Qt. Stockpot w/ Cover
  • N5122-20BK 8"" Skillet
  • N5122-24BK 10"" Skillet
  • N51-RCK Lid Organizer
SKU#: 54198940

Suggested Retail $74.50


Save 33%

SKU#: 56030455

Suggested Retail $275.00

Product Features
  • Essential cookware for home chefs who emulate Ayesha Currys signature style of simplicity and fearless fun
  • 12-piece cookware set is crafted from durable aluminum for fast and even heating, includes two covered saucepans (1.5-qt / 2-qt), one 5.5-qt covered Dutch oven, two skillets (8.5-in/10-in) and one 3-qt covered saute pan
  • Double-riveted stainless steel handles are oven safe to 500 degrees F, shatter-resistant glass lids seal in heat and moisture
  • Stylish hard enamel porcelain exteriors and diamond-textured, PFOA-free nonstick interiors for long-lasting food release, suitable for all stove tops except induction, Set includes two kitchen tools honed from eco-friendly Para wood
  • This Ayesha Curry kitchenware helps support No Kid Hungry to provide up to 500,000 meals to children in need
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