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SKU#: 41457722

$249.95 Mart Price

Product Features
  • Up to four wireless channels are available for convenient control
  • Has ability to monitor pre-flash, model flash, and test fire for optimal preparation
  • Head tilts up to 90 for use in a variety of situations
  • Flash-ready indicator lets you know when the flash is ready
  • Flash is protected by thermal cut-out function
SKU#: 43806017

$299.99 Mart Price

Product Features
  • Light Distribution settings allow for Standard, Guide Number Priority, and Even Coverage settings for a versatile array of possibilities
  • Radio master and slave functionality can communicate and operate with up to 15 flashes in 15 channels up to 98 feet away
  • Optical transmission allows your flash to function in slave mode with a variety of different flashes
  • 10 custom functions and 8 personal functions give you plenty of shooting possibilities
  • LCD panel on the back allows you to quickly and conveniently change settings
SKU#: 37016094

$549.99 Mart Price

Product Features
  • Illumination output to allow for a range of 197' to ensure usefulness
  • LED video light complements recording in dim conditions
  • White balance compensation reduces the amount of color change in your shots during use
  • LCD display allow for convenient adjustments to the settings as needed
  • Compact and portable design is useful during use on the go
SKU#: 32934952

$329.95 Mart Price

Product Features
  • Backlit LCD panel is easy to use
  • Update firmware through camera for convenience
  • Automatic color filter adjusts color temperature settings
  • Test firing and pre-flashes let you check light before photo
  • Flash-ready indicator lights help you prepare for taking a photograph
SKU#: 49153000

$599.95 Mart Price

Product Features
  • Radio control Advanced Wireless Lighting that does not require line-of-sight to work
  • Flash cooling system provides more than 100 consecutive shots at full output
  • Streamlined access to your frequently used functions such as Flash Mode, Zoom Head Position and Flash Compensation Value
  • Fully compatible with all current optical control Speedlights
SKU#: 51712743

$599.99 Mart Price

Product Features
  • Powerful flash lighting at guide number 60 (GN60)
  • Operates as on-camera flash, radio wireless commander or receiver
  • Fast recycling time of 1.7 sec.or 0.6 sec. w/ optional FA-EBA1
  • Continuous shooting up 220 emissionsper set of batteries
  • Quick Shift Bounce for natural horizontal and portrait light
  • Wirelessly Supports 15 units in up to 5 groups
  • Powerful LED light for movies / stills and as AF illuminator
  • Quick Navi control interface to change settings fast
  • Custom key settings to assign frequently used features
  • Dust and moisture resistant designw/ robust metal MI shoe
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