Store Arms Securely

Whether you own one gun or have a collection, it’s essential that you have a safe place to store them and keep them secure, protected, and out of the wrong hands. If your home were to have a fire or a natural disaster, your guns will be safe from the hazard if they are stored in fire and water resistant gun safe. Some insurance companies may even provide a discount if you have a gun safe in your home.

There are an array of styles, sizes and prices of gun safes you can find at Nebraska Furniture Mart. This guide will help you select the best gun safe for your needs.

Types of In-Home Gun Safes

Biometric Lock or Fingerprint Safes are probably the most secure by requiring a fingerprint to unlock the safe.

Fireproof Gun Safes are available in various sizes and have turn type locks or electronic keypad locks.

Large Gun Safes are large and can hold more than 22 guns along with other valuables.

In-Wall Gun Safes are discreetly and permanently located in a wall of your home. They can be outfitted with a turn, electronic, or fingerprint type lock.

Under The Bed Gun Safes are designed like a drawer and fit underneath a bed. Some people prefer to have their guns close to them when they sleep. This type of gun safe is a much safer solution than hiding a gun under the mattress.

Hidden Gun Safes are not viewed as a gun safe and appears to objects like a cedar chest, book case. Some look like beautiful pieces of furniture but only you and your family know what’s hidden inside.

Small Size Gun Safes are perfect when you need to keep a pistol or handgun locked away securely. They are easy to store and transport.

Important Features

Size and Weight
For long-gun storage, look for an interior with vertical clearance that is at least 58 inches tall and has a loaded weight of 750 pounds. If you have handguns and long-guns be sure to look for a unit that has shelves. A loaded gun safe weighing over 700 pounds can’t be easily knocked over or stolen. Experts suggest purchasing a safe larger than what you think you will need in the event that you purchase more guns; it would be a shame to not have enough room to store them.

Gun Safe Construction
During a fire, anything that collapses on top of the safe could cause it to split a weld or the door may pop open. To avoid this, look for safes that are built with a continuous weld which is very sturdy. Some safe designs are modular, making them easy to move the safe to any room in the house, one piece at a time. This type of gun safe does not have a welded construction but claims to have the same durability as a welded safe. In the recent past, most gun safes were wood and glass decorative pieces of furniture that proudly displayed a gun collection. Today, most gun owners want to safely and securely store their guns out of sight.

Thicker steel is harder to cut, and more resistant to break-ins. Look for nothing greater than 10-gauge steel when choosing a gun safe. Steel that is 12 or 14-gauge steel wound not provide much protection from someone trying to gain entry into the safe if they were using a concrete saw or a fire axe. Generally, prisons and law enforcement agencies use 7 or 8-gauge steel walls for gun storage.

Door Seals
Keeping moist air out will cut down the risk of your guns rusting. Door seals also play a vital part in protecting your guns in the event of a fire or flood. Door seals should extend around the entire door. TIP: Manufacturers suggest having the safe in a location that is above ground level and to seal all external holes.

Locking Mechanism
Key, fingerprint, electronic, rotary combination, and dual lock choices are available when shopping for a gun safe. Electronic locks run on a battery that needs to be changed on occasion and a combination must be memorized and re-memorized when reprogrammed. Rotary combination locks are not as quick to open as digital and fingerprint locks but are durable, trouble-free and do not require batteries or electrical power. Fingerprint locks are virtually un-hackable but tend to be a bit pricey. Key locks can pose a security risk if the key falls into the wrong hands or gets lost. Dual locks provide double the security as both locks have to be opened to gain entry to the safe.

Locking Bolts
At a minimum, look for gun safes that have 2 bolts on each of the four sides of the safe door. TIP: Just about every safe manufacturer recommends bolting the safe to the floor in your house to eliminate movability.

Fire Protection
Home fires do happen, you never think it will happen to you, but it could. Why take chances? Look for a safe that is rated fire resistant. They are designed to withstand damage from a fire and water use to extinguish it.

Lighting, humidity and temperature control accessories can be use with just about any safe that has the room the accommodate the add-ons. Lighting; no one likes to dig around in the dark grasping for what they need especially in the event of needing your home protection. Rust can form rapidly, regulating the temperature and humidity is vital. Warming units reduce the water vapor in the unit and will deter the formation of rust on your valuable guns. Dehumidifiers specially made for safes are also available for purchase.