Freshen Up Your Hardworking Kitchen

A venting appliance is an essential accessory for your stove. Range hoods are the unsung super heroes kicking out undesirables from your kitchen—be it smell, heat, or even grease. We have outlined some key features to consider when shopping for a range hood.

Installation or Placement of the Hood

This is the most important consideration when shopping for range hoods. Whether you are remodelling your kitchen or shopping for a new one, you can choose from all the available options at Nebraska Furniture Mart.

However, if you are fitting in the range hood within an existing kitchen design, then you need to consider where the hood can be placed: fixed to the ceiling, mounted to the wall, behind or next to the range. Take a look at all the available options of range hoods at Nebraska Furniture Mart.

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Under Cabinet

Ceiling/Cabinet Attached

Most range hoods are fixed either to the ceiling or to the bottom of the cabinetry over your range. This ensures an efficient integration to the already existing design of the kitchen space.

Wall Mounted

Wall Mounted

When there are no upper cabinets or your kitchen has an open shelf design, then the range hood can be wall-mounted.



If you have a kitchen island, then the best way to ensure good ventilation over your stovetop are island range hood or chimneys which will hang from the ceiling above your kitchen island.


Down Draft Ventilation

If your kitchen range is placed in a difficult space where placing a traditional range hood above it is not possible, then you should consider this design as they can be placed either to the side of the range or behind it.


Custom Hood Inserts

These ductless alternatives are most often used in custom-made hoods. This is an ideal option for anyone seeking to create a hood that matches their cabinetry, or if the area in which the hood will be housed is atypical in size.


While most hoods have ducts that vent out the air to an external space, ductless hoods have a charcoal filter and clean air internally before it flows back into the kitchen.