Cooktop Buying Guide

How to Choose Your Cooktop

Gas, Electric or Induction?

This is one of the main questions you need to ask yourself when it comes to choosing a cooktop or a stovetop. A cooktop comes in gas, induction, and electric/smoothtop models and can have different element arrangements that will cater to how you like to cook.

  • Induction cooktops heat much faster than electric or gas cooktops. They are safe, energy efficient, and easy to clean.
  • Gas cooktops are quite responsive and adjust heat easily.
  • Electric cooktops have a great control on heat output. They also have stylish control panels or touchpads and digital displays that help you set precise temperature controls with the push of a button.

You need to consider if you want fast cooking or greater control over heat, or if you just want a reasonably priced cooktop that does its job.

In the end, it all boils down to personal preference, price range, and the available space in your kitchen.