What to Expect

You will be contacted by phone or text no later than 8pm the day prior to your installation with a 3-hour window. An individual 18 years or older must be present for your scheduled installation or a $60 “not at home” fee will be applied. Before arrival, please put away pets for their safety and that of our installation partner.

Before our installation partner arrives, please ensure there is a clear and safe path for the installers to bring products inside your home. Do not forget to measure doorways, hallways, and other spaces to make sure your new piece fits. Before our installation partner departs, please look over your new product to make sure it meets your expectations.

Chat Bubbles Need Help?

Have questions or need to reschedule?

Contact our installation partner:

Phone: 855-606-0178

Text: 1-716-257-4468

Chat: nalgroup.com

If necessary, our installation partner will discuss any potential charges for additional labor, parts, or permits necessary to complete installation.


Appliance Installation Preparation

Locate your breaker panel and find the breaker for the appliance being installed. If you choose in-home installation, our installation partner will need to shut off the previously located breaker before installing your appliance.

If your appliance requires a water line, locate the water shut-off valve. In most cases, it is located under the sink attached to the hot water line. The water will need to be shut off prior to installation. In the event a valve needs replaced, additional charges may apply.

A new dishwasher connection kit must be purchased from NFM for our installation partner to install a dishwasher.

  • Uninstall existing dishwasher and install new unit according to manufacturer specifications and customer's satisfaction.
  • Run test cycle to verify water fill, drain, and free of leaks.
  • Demonstrate basic operations as well as set clock and presets if applicable.
  • Uninstall and haul away old unit.
  • Obtain permit, if necessary. Customer is responsible for price of permit.
  • Once completed, test product for proper performance.
  • Instruct customer on product operation.
  • Uninstall existing disposal and install new unit.
  • Test drain line connections, discharge hose connection and disposal unit.
  • Checks and verifies that all functions are operational and free of leaks.
  • Uninstall existing OTR and install new unit.
  • Secure to existing wall and cabinetry.
  • Connect to existing and functional electrical outlet and duct work.
  • Level and test unit.


  • Secure mounting bracket to standard drywall.
  • Mount and secure flat panel TV to mounting bracket.
  • Conceal in-wall rate cables for A/V devices through a standard frame wall if possible. All cables must be in-wall rated, otherwise they will remain exposed.
  • Connect and configure new or existing audio and video components in a single room.
  • Clean wire management.
  • Configure up to two Smart TV/Blu-Ray configurations for streaming services. (i.e. Hulu, Netflix, etc.)
  • Program a non-learning universal remote.
  • Set up parental controls upon request.
  • Verify product functionality.
  • Demonstrate basic TV functions.
  • Includes everything in Standard TV Mounting in addition to the services below.
  • Mount to a surface other than drywall, such as a decorative surface (marble, stone, brick, shiplap, etc.)
  • Mount a motorized mount to any standard surface.
  • Mount above a fireplace.
  • Our installation partner may need to validate that mounting service can be completed based on client needs and wants.
  • Mount and secure soundbar.
  • Attach customer or manufacturer supplied cables from source to soundbar.
  • All cables used in walls must be in-wall rated. If not, cables will be left exposed.
  • Program of a non-learning type or manufacturer supplied remote.
  • Clean wire management.
  • Verify product functionality.
  • Demonstrate basic soundbar functions.
  • Must be sold with Standard or Advanced TV Mounting - Add on service only.
  • Before installation in a multi-family dwelling (apartment), the customer will need to provide written authorization for complete wire concealment, as installation requires drilling access holes.
  • Verify proper operation of the display to be powered via IWPE prior to beginning work.
  • Plug in the IWPEs supplied external cord to an existing grounded outlet or surge protector.
  • Use of accessories packaged with IWPE solution only; no extension cords, splitters, etc.
  • Verification of product functionality.
  • Must be sold with Standard or Advanced TV Mounting - Add on service only.
  • Remove existing thermostat and secure new thermostat to wall.
  • Download and configure application.
  • Verify functionality.
  • Mount up to two Wi-Fi camera in client-specified location.
  • Add cameras to existing wireless network or smart hub.
  • Verify camera position and coverage is satisfactory for customer.
  • Ensure existing lock type is compatible with selected smart lock.
  • Install all hardware.
  • Pair to app and verify proper functionality.
  • Installation covers verifying current voltage of wired doorbell, shutting off power and verifying no voltage is going to existing doorbell.
  • Install smart doorbell for Wi-Fi configuration.
  • Assist with downloading mobile app and setting up account.
  • Educate customer on functionality and personalization of features as well as perform a test run of system.


  • Assemble equipment in room of choice.
  • Install safety equipment and test product to verify it is in working order.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi (if applicable) and pair any accessories to device such as chest or wrist strap heart monitors.