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Before applying, please have your Driver's License, State ID or Military ID with expiration date and Social Security Number/ITIN available.

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Before applying, please have your NFM Account number and Social Security number/ITIN available.

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Nebraska Furniture Mart
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PO Box 3456
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Credit Services

General Information

Lost or Stolen Credit Card

Credit Services Hours

  • Monday ‑ Saturday: 8am to 8pm
  • Sunday: 11am to 8pm


General Information

If you have been contacted by our collections department, please call a representative at the number listed above.

Collections Hours

  • Monday ‑ Friday: 8am to 5pm


Online, mailed and in-store payments are applied to your account according to paragraph 6 of your Nebraska Furniture Mart Revolving Agreement. Nebraska Furniture Mart automatically applies payments in a manner which meets federal requirements, and attempts to minimize the interest charges you may incur. After paying any outstanding fees and past due amounts, payments are applied in this general order:

  1. Amounts with promotional “Deferred Interest” terms (No Interest If..) that expire this month.
  2. Amounts with promotional “Deferred Interest” terms (No Interest If..) that will expire next month.
  3. Amounts that are presently interest-bearing (highest rates first).
  4. Amounts with promotional “Deferred Interest” terms (No Interest If..), in order of expiration date (soonest first).

While you are required to pay at least the “Minimum Payment Due” amount, you may at any time, pay the “New Balance” or any portion thereof.

Your Minimum Monthly Payment is calculated by adding any new fees (insurance, late, returned payment), PLUS any Fixed Payment(s) due, plus 4% of any other (non-fixed payment) charges within the balance, rounded up to the nearest dollar, or $15, whichever is greater.

Note: There is NO way to pay toward a specific order or group online. To specify how payments should be applied you will need to mail your payment with instructions or make your payment in person in the store.

Note: Online payments made before 5:00pm will be posted the same business day. Payments made after 5:00pm will post the next business day. Excludes holidays and other non-banking days.