Stacy Garcia x NFM

Stacy Garcia standing in the middle of a bedroom with bright colors and butterfly prints.

"Surround yourself with things that bring you joy!"

Your home tells a story with unique, curated pieces that reflect your personal style. Stacy Garcia blends everyday eclectic with functional, timeless pieces with looks that are ever-evolving and edited. Discover Stacy Garcia Home rugs, furniture, decor, and more to curate your happiest version of home.

Stacy Garcia in a living room set up with a geometric rug and more of her beautiful prints,

Meet Stacy Garcia

Every Stacy Garcia Design has a different story. "Something inspired us to choose a certain color combination, create a unique pattern, or pick up on a particular style", says Stacy.

Respected for her inventive use of color and remarkable design skills, Stacy Garcia knows the hospitality, home decor and lifestyle design industries, inside and out. This internationally renowned designer has partnered with some of the world’s leading manufacturers and retailers to create products that span from floor to ceiling for hotels and homes all over the world.

Stacy's Rugs

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Stacy's Furniture

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SKU#: 63776207

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