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Key check points when having flooring installed by Nebraska Furniture Mart’s Professional Flooring Installers:

At the time of sale we will estimate the approximate size and cost of your installation. The total cost may vary due to adjustments in yardage and/or additional labor charges.

Our measurers will call the morning of the measure by 12 noon. Read more about our measure policy.

Before we order any products to install your floor, we must have your verbal approval on the exact sizes and costs associated with your job. If you've not been contacted within two days after your measure, please call our Flooring Service Department at 402‑392‑3490 or 1‑800‑359‑1200, extension 23490. If price approval is delayed, your order will not be placed and your installation might not proceed as scheduled. Scheduled installation dates are based on carpet availability and subject to change.

Take-up, removal, stairs, metal trim, subfloor prep or furniture moving may require extra labor service charges. Please understand that installers will only perform work shown on the work order. Any extra work required during installation that has not been discussed with your sales associate and written on the work order, will require additional charges.

To make way for your new carpet and pad, you will need to remove your wall‑to‑wall carpet and pad. Please leave the tack strip down and remove remaining pad staples. Upon request, we will take up and dispose of the existing carpet and pad for a modest charge. Installers will only dispose of carpet they take up.

If Nebraska Furniture will be moving your furniture, please remove all breakable items first. Disconnect any wiring such as stereo and TV wires. In bedrooms, please strip beds and remove all items from the tops of dressers and bottoms of closets. In kitchen and utility rooms please disconnect the washer, dryer, refrigerator and all gas appliances. Nebraska Furniture Mart installers are not responsible for disconnecting or reconnecting these items. NFM Installers will not dismantle or move waterbeds, grandfather clocks, antiques or any items requiring calibration or any item that a two-man crew is incapable of moving.

Please be sure the power is on for the installer’s electrical tools, and the temperature in the house is 69 degrees, 24 hours prior to installation. Installers will call the morning of the installation between 7am and 10am. Prior to our arrival, please restrain all pets, no matter how friendly, for both their safety and the safety of our personnel.

When inspecting your new carpet, it could appear slightly different in texture or color due to normal dye lot differences from the display sample in the store. Newly installed carpet, when exposed to normal vacuuming, will blossom and take on a closer appearance to our showroom samples.

Nebraska Furniture Mart does not cut doors for carpet clearance. The installers will remove doors to install carpet and replace them, but will not replace doors if they require trimming.

In most installations, carpet seams are common, however no seam is totally invisible. Due to different textures, patterns and direction of light, some seams may be more visible than others, Please discuss with your installer any seams you may have questions about before he leaves your home.

After installation you will probably notice some leftover pieces of carpet. This is normal and due to the fact that most rooms are narrower or wider than the standard 12-foot wide carpet. Your installer will collect and bag scrap pieces and vacuum your new carpet. Larger pieces of carpet will be left for your use.

Many carpets now have backing that is highly abrasive to painted or varnished surfaces and to freshly applied wallpaper. We recommend that freshly painted, or newly wallpapered walls be allowed to completely dry at least four days prior to installation. Your installer will take added care to minimize these scratches but minor touch up may be needed after installation.

Nebraska Furniture Mart flooring orders cannot be dated for install until payment is made in full and all product is in our warehouse. Customers who have project timeline concerns are encouraged to shop our great selection of in‑stock products to expedite the install process.

Measure Policy

If for any reason measuring cannot be done on the day scheduled please contact us immediately at 1‑800‑544‑6028. Your measure agent will call you the morning of the measure, between 7am and 12pm depending on your measure timeframe to arrange a time to meet with you. Your presence at the measuring is important. Prior to our arrival, please restrain all pets, no matter how friendly, for both their safety and the safety of our personnel.

You will be contacted within three working days after your measurement. If you have not been contacted please call the flooring service at 1‑800‑544‑6028. Prior to scheduling an installation we must have your price approval on the exact sizes and costs associated with your job. After price approval, you may set a date for installation. This is a Tentative Installation Date. Scheduled Installation Dates may be based on product availability.

Extra labor services may be required. These may include, but are not limited to: the take up and haul away of existing floor coverings, stair labor, spindles, trim labor, subfloor preparation or furniture moving. These special labor services require additional charges. Installers will only perform work shown on the work order. The work order is created by a sales associate after the measure has been completed and you have been contacted by a sales associate to discuss the measurements. Any extra work required not written on the work order will be subject to additional charges.

Floor Tolerance is very important with certain products. The measure agent will look for this while measuring. If there is existing carpet on the floor; the exact Floor Tolerance cannot be determined. Likewise Water Damage may be hidden under layers of flooring. What cannot be seen cannot be accurately priced.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please call our Customer Service: 1‑800‑544‑6028

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