Appliance Installation Services

Kitchen with stainless steel appliances

Expecting a new Appliance?

Normal delivery of your major appliances includes the most basic of hook ups. Our delivery personnel will place the appliance where you want it, plug it in to existing wiring and lines, haul away old appliances if contracted in advance to do so (removal fees apply), and haul away any packaging and shipping materials. Prior to our arrival, please restrain all pets, no matter how friendly, for both their safety and the safety of our personnel.

Delivery personnel will not attempt any built-in installations like ranges and refrigeration, nor are they authorized for gas line hook-up without proper shut-off valves; dishwasher hook up; running new water lines for things like icemakers, or installation of new electrical lines. They are also authorized to only hook up to certain lines and electrical systems (See below for specific limitations on certain appliances.)

For refrigerators and freezers, drivers will remove all doors and handles if necessary to ensure that the unit fits into your home. They will also make adjustments to door swing changes per your request.

The following are other guidelines that NFM drivers follow for various appliances:

These items will be completely unpacked (including shelves), set in place, plugged in and leveled. Installations will not be made to plastic water lines. If a proper water line exists with a serviceable shut-off valve, it will be connected and turned on per the order. Haul away of old unit will be done if on order. This is on local deliveries only.

Washers will be unpacked with all strapping materials and shipping bolts removed, and set in place. Hot and cold water hoses will be connected to proper spigots and the drain hose installed. Please note that not all washers come with hoses. NFM will not use any existing hoses provided by the customer. NFM strongly recommends purchasing new Washer Hoses when purchasing new washer. The delivery team will level and start the unit filling to ensure its operation. If freezing conditions exist, you may be instructed to start the unit a few hours later.

Dryers will be set in place and leveled with all strapping material removed. NFM purchased dryer cord will be properly attached and the unit will be plugged in and turned on to ensure proper operation. Venting will be hooked up if no modifications are required on your existing venting system. NFM will not use any existing dryer cords or venting provided by the customer.

Note: Drivers will not hook up to plastic venting. You must have metal or foil flex venting. For an additional fee, drivers will hook up gas units if there is a serviceable, existing, shut-off valve directly to the dryer and if it is in compliance with local ordinances (this service is contracted, so see your salesperson for details). This is on local deliveries only. Out of town deliveries do not include dryer vent hook-ups.

Freezers will be set in place, leveled and plugged in. You should let the unit run and cool for about 24 hours before loading. Make sure you get the keys from the driver if yours is a lockable model.

Built-In and Over-the-Range Microwaves will be delivered to your home with no hook-up. NFM does offer Professional Appliance Installation for these products for an additional charge.

Dishwashers will be delivered with your home with no hook-up. NFM does offer Professional Appliance Installation for these products for an additional charge. All dishwasher installations require the purchase of a dishwasher installation kit. This is on local deliveries only.

Electric ranges will be unpacked, have NFM purchased range cord attached and leveled. Gas ranges come from the factory with a cord attached. Direct wire hook-ups will not be done. For an additional fee, set-up does include hooking up your range to an existing cast iron gas line (but not galvanized pipe) with a serviceable shut-off valve to the range itself. (This service is contracted—check with your sales person for details.)

Gas line hook-ups will not be performed on copper lines or if not in compliance with local ordinances. If a gas shut-off is not serviceable or non-existent for the range itself, it is your responsibility to have a plumber or the gas company personnel make the installation. The delivery team will test operate the surface units and ovens and gas ranges. With the exception of appliances that are direct wired, the delivery team will disconnect electrical appliances at the point of delivery. *Out of town deliveries will include unpacking and setting in place, leveling and starting. They do not include gas line hook ups.