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Fresh Interior Design Trends for 2023

The future of home design may look simple, but it’s far from simplistic. Earth-inspired and practical designs are ready for a renaissance in 2023. Streamlined styles abound from furniture and functional spaces to flooring and tech. With the complexity of modern life and pressure of tight wallets, it’s hard to ignore the value of easier living. With that in mind, let’s explore the top 4 interior design trends for the new year!

Midcentury Modern Furniture Makes a Comeback  

Midcentury modern aesthetics make a return with iconic, no-nonsense designs. This style was born from the forward-thinking, less-is-more mentality of the mid 20th century. Transitioning away from ornate details, midcentury-modern furniture is clean yet colorful.

The best part is you don’t have to go to thrift stores in 2023 hoping to score something made in the 1960s. Modern manufacturers are still producing these classic silhouettes, but now sporting all the comfort and functionality today’s customers love.

Unsure if midcentury silhouettes are right for you? Expert interior designers can help align these nostalgic styles into your home.

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A stunning kitchen with disco balls and an eclectic style with pinks, yellows and purples.

Upgrade Your Kitchen & Bath With Accents

The hottest way to give your kitchen or bathroom a refresh is upgrading your interior. Instead of gutting your space, start with existing elements you love and go from there! By reimagining your room one piece at a time, it stays familiar yet exciting.

An easy start is to upgrade your countertop if you already like your cabinets. Or, perhaps, the refresh you’re looking for involves a whole new vanity, go for it! On-trend fixture styles include accents of brass and gold or delicate floral patterns that tie new and old together. Your new accent piece could be vanity lighting, a statement backsplash or even an upgraded sink. Unique and stylish appliances like GE’s Café line make for the perfect kitchen upgrade.

If you’re looking to elevate your space, starting where you are and adding a few pieces could be the trick to falling in love with a room all over again.

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Earth-Toned Tile Floors

Flooring options go back to basics by following nature’s footsteps. Colorful, Earth-toned tile is in vogue in 2023 for its practical benefits and decorative possibilities. Tile is easy to clean and durable enough for all life’s challenges.

What sets earth tones apart is the opportunity for grounded self-expression. The wealth of hues found in nature makes it easy to find finishes that are stunning, subtle, or somehow both. The diverse materials used for natural tile also offer unique textures that look great in your bathroom refresh, kitchen remodel, or even an avant-garde living room (we won’t judge – and our design experts can help!)

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Smart Home Automation & Devices

Thanks to tech innovations, a seamless home is finally accessible to everyone. Long gone are the days where only techsperts got to enjoy the luxury of home automation. With specialty installers and intelligent tech, a smarter home is only a call or click away.

Products like Samsung’s Bespoke line and Frame Art TVs blend tech into interior design. Even utilities, such as lighting and temperature, can be controlled by smart assistant. With all your amenities hidden in plain sight, seamless living has never been simpler. 

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