Melissa & Doug Turtle Ball Pit, , large

Melissa & Doug Turtle Ball Pit

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Product Description
Kids will have a ball with this crinkling, jingling, multi-textured toy! The giant, friendly turtle comes filled with 60 squeezable multi-colored balls that are easy to grasp, toss, and roll. Zipper and self-stick tabs open so baby can sit inside, and close to store balls and to make a fun pillow. Features include holes to push and pull balls through, a non-slip bottom, crinkling feet, squeaking button, teething ring, mirror, silky fabric tags, and attached soft ball rattle.
Product Features
  • 9M+: Pick out one of each color ball: green, orange, red, yellow, dark blue, and light blue. Help the child pat or grasp each as you say its color.
  • 9M+: Challenge the child to pat different parts of the turtle as you point to and name them, such as the head, eyes, tail, feet, mirror, rubber ring, or the ball on the zipper. Point and say baby's name as he or she looks in the mirror.
  • 9M+: Encourage the child to squeeze the feet of the turtle to hear the crinkling sounds, to grasp and shake the ball on the zipper to hear it rattle, and to press the polka-dot circle to hear it squeak.
  • 9M+: Play peek-a-boo by holding two balls between your face and the child's, then pulling them away as you both say, "peek-a-boo!" Let the child pull the balls away from your face -- have fun making different expressions each time your face is revealed.
  • 12M+: Help the child to explore the different textures on the turtle -- the ridged corduroy, the soft head and tail, the slippery colored ribbon tags, the smooth mirror, the bumpy base, the rippled teething ring, etc.
  • 12M+: Line up one of each color ball. Help the child identify which balls are bigger (light blue, orange, green, and red) and which are smaller (dark blue and yellow).
  • 12M+: Empty the turtle and talk about how the balls are "outside" the shell. Ask the child to help you put the balls "inside" the turtle. When it is filled part way, ask the child to tell you which balls are "outside" and which are "inside" the turtle. When the turtle is completely filled, close it and help the child to lie "on" the turtle and to cuddle with it. Then, open the top and have the child sit "in" the turtle. Let the child have fun pushing the balls through the holes or tossing them back "outside" the turtle while he or she sits "inside."
  • 15M+: Fill the turtle with balls and close the top. Ask the child to reach in through one of the holes and to guess what color ball he or she will pull out.
  • 15M+: Take turns tossing the balls one at a time into the turtle. Try this from different distances. Increase difficulty by setting a timer for one minute (or using the second hand on a watch) and seeing how many balls the child can toss or place in the turtle in the allotted time. Help the child count how many are in the turtle when time is up.
Age Range 0 to 24 Months
Family Baby and Kids
Toy Type Playsets
Dimensions and Weight
Depth 11.000 inches
Height 20.000 inches
Width 18.000 inches
Weight 4.80 lbs